“Judith Mack has worked with two of my children who have very different learning styles and has found a way to reach both of them. She is willing to work on a variety of different material, from homework to test prep and everything in between. She works with parents to set forth a plan depending on the child's needs and is very accommodating, professional and effective. I highly recommend her.”

-Allison R., Parent


“Through her careful and sensitive approach, Judith made an instant connection with my son. She was able to immediately hone in on his learning style and personality and has successfully tailored a tutoring program that is just right for him.”

-S.P., Parent


“Judith Mack was one of my favorite teachers last year. She helped me a lot with my grammar. It was definitely worth waking up an hour earlier in the morning. She was a great help and she is an amazing teacher. I loved having her around me, because I knew she was always there for me when I needed assistance. She really helped my understanding of grammar. I had some problems in spelling and problems with writing sentences. When Judith was there, all those problems went away fast! She helped me tremendously and gave me confidence in my writing skills.”

-Juliette Rochard, 8th Grader. Tompkins Square Middle School.



“As a family and individual psychotherapist, I have collaborated with Judith for several years and must say, she is my go-to for students requiring learning support and providing families with necessary guidance. Innately, as well as via her training and extensive experience as a specialized educator and social worker, her assessment abilities are comprehensive, individually tailored to maximize strengths and concretely address areas of concern, and she is astute at problem solving and incorporating imaginative alternatives to foster improvement and performance, while remaining attentive to self esteem. Judith's work incorporates the unique learning, situational, environmental and psychosocial landscape of a student. Her style is practical, warm and approachable.”

-Laura Kleinman, LCSW



“I am always confident referring families to Judith for tutoring. She collaborates with families and schools to create the most effective program for her students.

She is responsive, flexible, and caring. By blending her background in Social Work and Education, Judith tutors

the whole child. She has a deep understanding of learning styles and strategies to help students who are struggling. She has helped many VCS students become more successful readers, writers, and scholars. Judith Mack is a truly effective educator and her manner with children

is empathetic and engaging.”

-Mala Beckhoff, Learning Specialist, Village Community School