Services for adolescents: Grades 7-12
Adolescence can be a particularly challenging time for young people as they are faced with more academic demands and are expected to take on more responsibility. It is also a time when they may need help but be reluctant to ask for it. I create individualized plans for adolescents that take into account their social-emotional needs as well as their academic ones.


In my work with adolescents I will:

• Provide a variety of diagnostic and on-going assessments

• Create customized, goal oriented individualized learning plans based on your child’s needs

• Highlight your child’s strengths and improve performance

• Successfully assist students with all learning styles in mastering skills

• Use a variety of research-based interventions when appropriate through the Wilson Reading System and Orton Gillingham

• Develop trusted relationships with children, families, and schools

Some areas that your adolecent may need support with:

• Reading (comprehension, fluency, phonics)

• Writing (planning, elaborating, organizing, revising, editing)

• Spelling and vocabulary development

• Basic math skills

• Test taking strategies

• Note taking skills

• Organization and study skills

• Standardized test preparation such as ERB, ISEE, SSAT


You can expect an improvement in grades, test scores, reading and writing level after 10 sessions.